Cornish Spoons Gallery

Carved in Cornwall

This gallery shows the range of spoons produced for customers around the world. Although my spoons and utensils are individually designed and hand carved, I am happy to recreate any of these original designs.

Cornish Spoons, utensils and keepsakes are crafted by hand from responsibly resourced timber (and locally-sourced wood wherever possible) in Cornwall, using traditional hand tools and finished with a 100% food-safe Japanese wax containing natural bees wax (cera alba) with antibacterial oils and other nourishing food safe oils.

Milk Paint is used on painted handles. The paint is an ancient formula containing ingredients that pre-date the use of petrochemicals and is made from all natural earth materials. A similar paint was used to decorate objects discovered in the tombs of the Pharaohs. It is environmentally safe, non-toxic and entirely solvent free.


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The Cornish Spoons Range

Made with an artist’s eye and a craftsman’s touch, my pieces are solid and elegant. They are meant to last and be loved. Visit the Cornish Spoons online store to view pieces for sale.