Artisan Spoons & Utensils


Hand Carved in Cornwall

Individually crafted

Our spoons and implements are designed and carved in Cornwall

Each hand-made piece begins its life hidden within a larger length of timber. Using a selection of tools, ranging from carving axes, froes, spoon knifes & carving knifes. every piece of wood that doesn’t look like a spoon is removed, to reveal the beauty within.

We produce a range of wooden spoons and cooking implements in many different styles and sizes, ranging from small beverage spoons, eating spoons and love spoons, through to scoops for the kitchen or bathroom and large serving spoons for the table.

Unlike mass produced products, each and every one of our spoons and utensils has been individually crafted by hand from responsibly resourced timber (and locally-sourced wood wherever possible) in Cornwall, using traditional hand tools and finished with a food safe Japanese wax coating.

Please visit our online shop or contact us to commission your own spoon or to take advantage of our engraving service.

Spoon Care / Painted Handles

Always hand wash your spoon with soapy water, do not put it in the dish washer, pat dry after washing. DO NOT immerse the spoon or let the spoon sit in water for long periods of time.
Our spoons are generally treated with Japanese food wax, 100% food-safe, natural bees wax (cera alba) with antibacterial oils and other nourishing food safe oils. Alternatively, we can leave spoons untreated and let time, tide & food acids give the spoon a natural patina. Oiled spoons are clearly identified as such.

Some sanded spoons will go “fluffy” after their first wetting, this is perfectly normal, just carry on using the spoon and the fluffiness will wear away in no time at all, leaving you with a beautifully smooth spoon.

We use Milk Paint on our painted handles. Milk paint is an ancient formula made from ingredients that pre-date the use of petrochemicals. It is environmentally safe, non-toxic and entirely solvent free. A light coat of Japanese wax is applied to make the paint water resistant though NOT waterproof, you will notice the paint will wear on high spots as the spoon is used and some colour bleed may occur after washing, particularly if the spoon has been immersed in water.

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